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Who is Trevor Lee?

Trevor Lee insists he’s just an average man pursuing common goals; health, wealth, and happiness. In this, is the foundation of his life and music. Just like any person, he wants to “breathe easy” financially and well... breathe in general. To his neighbors he’s a family man and good friend; quiet and socially comfortable. After seeing him around his local community, you’d never suspect what lies beneath. 

What you don’t see, is Trevor’s battle with t-cell non-Hodgekin’s lymphoma. After being diagnosed in 2015, he has undergone over 36 in-hospital treatments to no avail. However, after experiencing him live in concert, you’d second guess his diagnosis. The energy is contagious! Trevor shakes the room with both his music performance and story. 

He says his happiness rests in his ability to share his story, that it might encourage others in their own personal battles. The message, “Struggle ain’t new, God isn’t either, and you are not alone in your struggle.” This is the focus of his new album to be released entitled “The Passenger” and his upcoming “Risk It All” tour. The best has definitely yet to come for this young man’s career.

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Trevor Lee gets caught freestyling in the middle of SXSW with a street performer.

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