After surviving an almost fatal delivery in Huntsville, Alabama, Trevor Lee began his life in the hands of God. His mother tells the story of praying over him immediately as she held him for the first time, devoting him to God. Battling the loneliness and blind anger of not knowing his biological father, Trevor went through counseling and hospitalization at a young age. He was always beyond his years in awareness, so it makes sense that at the young age of 8 he would give his life to Christ. He described the moment as "I knew God was real and I knew what He had done for me, but it wasn't until I was 13 and at "Acquire the Fire" that I came into a full understanding of what it meant."

 He then conveyed that during the event he was face down in front of one the crosses they had set up in the arena. He said, "God told me, right then, to become a youth leader as I was. See, there were no youth groups like the one I was currently in back in Galveston Island where I lived. At first, I was very hesitant, but I knew what God wanted from me clearly, so I pursued it. After a short time, following a lot of prayer, I heard that my church on the mainland was branching to the island. I prayed some more and then spoke with the Pastor. He agreed that I should lead the youth, and the long story short... that lead to me and a brother only 2 years older than me organizing and running a youth group in Galveston, TX hosting an average of 75 youth weekly."

 I wish I could say it was all rainbows after that, but Trevor did experience his own struggles growing up as any other human being. Through it all, he has participated and devoted his life to ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ and the freedom of living in that truth. In his short life he has had years of ministry experience in youth, prison, homeless ministry, praise & worship, outreach; the list goes on. Most of all, in his words, are his personal relationships with his family and those he encounters every day. "I want to help everyone I know to achieve complete freedom of mind, body, and soul. And the only way I know how is through the understanding and application of Jesus Christ in one's life."




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Follow Trevor Lee and his team through these candid moments. Some are just plain silly and others very vulnerable. This playlist is updated twice a week with new candid moments. Overall, a great way to get to know someone.

#UnoMomento Series (Random Moments)