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Extended Play is a band created by Trevor Lee that joins extremely talented artists and musicians to create the most diverse and intense experience one could have musically. The focus will always be to facilitate an experience that will encourage audiences' expansion of themselves spiritually. Although, this goal is not presented through the typical music you would expect to hear. With such diversity at the helm, you'll never be able to predetermine what you will experience from this group. The band, although lead by Trevor Lee, accomplishes a balanced performance with a great contribution from all the members. Trevor Lee is known for his high energy and captivating intensity on stage. This is not lost, but enhanced with each added member.

Currently they are releasing their first live demo to raise funds for their full album releasing next year.


Trevor Lee


As the driving force and creator of this extraordinary group of individuals, Trevor Lee, continues to push musical boundaries using the diverse strengths placed around him. He continues to grow tremendously as a producer of their records and live shows. Considering his long history in this industry, it's no surprise that his team of newcomers functions as a crew of veterans, commanding the stage and operating in great excellence. High energy followed by precisely arranged music and performance is just the tip of the iceberg when encountering this man.

This independent artist has successfully built, not only, a growing music career, but a consistently successful film production company(Trevor Lee Films) that helps support his family and career. It's only a matter of time before you see him and his team everywhere.

The most important thing to know about Trevor Lee, upon meeting him, you'll never feel disconnected. He is as humble as he is talented, continually reaching out for a personal touch with everyone he encounters.

Follow Trevor Lee's crazy blessed journey on instagram. @trevorleetv

Ari Lyn

This young woman, known as the "queen of the group" by her peers, packs a vocal punch with humble control. This is shown in the fact, that even though she can carry a strong lead vocal, she has the control and team mindedness to contribute as a foundational background vocal as well. She is a talented song writer gaining experience every day with her band mates.

Ari has a "Heart of Gold", bringing balance to the group through her compassion for others.  She makes her world debut with Extended Play as an artist. Not only is she a big part of the band, but she will be releasing solo work as well.

Get to know her yourself on Instagram. @arianasjourney



Vicente Ibarra is known as the "musical guru", if you will. He is seen playing lead guitar, keys, singing background vocals, and lead vocals all during the same song. With an education in music, Vicente brings technical knowledge and support to the creation of the band's unique sound. He helps successfully blend the wide range of diversity contributed by each member.

As for Vicente as a man, he is one of the kindest you'll ever meet. Lovable, eager to help and determined to push forward musically are only a few descriptions. Along with Ari Lyn & W/U, this is Vicente's artist debut. Therefore, as well as being a musical corner stone for Extended Play, look for his solo work along the way.

Enjoy this awesome ride with Vicente on Instagram. @vicenteibarra91

W/U (With U)

Katie makes her musical debut as artist "W/U". Her sound is fascinatingly unique, presenting a humble tone accompanied by consistently freeing melodies. She switches between synthesized keys and acoustic guitar in the band, but her main instrument is acoustic guitar. With her angelic ambiance, she brings fullness to the band's sound, and furthers the range of diversity.

When not wearing her "W/U" hat, Katie, as a young woman, continually searches God's heart and listens for His guidance. This comes out in her songs and the way she plays and leads worship. Her solo EP releases October 2014, so expect to start hearing more about it soon.


Josue Meraz

Josue can slap a bass so well, we've considered taking him into boxing for extra money. Playing the bass with such finesse and technical skill, he could captivate an audience for the entire concert by himself. An exciting experience working with such talent. He plays with amazing energy in his fingers.

There's a saying that a man is only as good as his word. If this is true, then Josue is beyond any measure. He is a strong dedicated man of God, and stays true to that commitment as well as every other he makes. This quiet, strong presence is only made greater by the example he sets.

Love life and relax with Josue on Instagram. @zaremeusoj

Josh Garcia

Josh may be the most talented drummer you ever hear. He keeps up with the diversity of the bands sound with incredible ease. Do to his wide range, he allows the band to travel through all types of styles and surpass all genre boundaries. With a drive to match his talent, Josh has dedicated a healthy portion of his time to the creation of his own line of drums. This quickly advancing boutique brand out of Friendswood, Texas is the up and coming "Spada Drums". The young drum prodigy is obsessed with pushing the technicality and complexity of the rhythm and fills. If you listen close, you will a have a whole new appreciation for the art of drumming. And yes, we said art. Josh, friend, is a drum artist.

Josh has unlimited energy, willing to practice countless hours at his trade. But an interesting fact about Josh, is that his talents don't stop at drumming. He is an amazing sculpture, painter, photographer... the list goes on. Truly, there is no end to his creative capacity. As a people person, he loves to meet and bond with new people, and likely, you and him will be best friends after 5 mins.

Become inspired daily by learning more about who Josh is on Instagram. @thjoshr