New Music Video - Save the Day Freestyle

I am so thankful!

Thank you to everyone who has supported the new song and the new music video released this week. If you haven't seen it. Here it is...

The Concept;

After writing this song, I knew we needed to create a visual for it. I must have called JJ (my video production partner) about 20 times with different ideas within 3 days from the shoot day. Some of them elaborate and complicated. For those of you who don't know, my other day trade is video production. It's difficult to be behind the camera and in front of it at the same time. I have found myself using great ideas for clients and having a hard time creating for myself. With this song being simple and about stimulating lyrics, at the last minute I decided I just wanted to stand vulnerably in front of the camera and let the lyrics do all the work. After we completed that part, i knew it needed more. So I reached out to 351 Studio. They really came through on the animation, keeping it simple yet entertaining.

Sketch the Journalist wrote a quick article about it here for the Houston Chronicle.

God willing, this is just the beginning of the many releases this year.

Support by sharing. :)

Live. Create. Share.

Trevor Lee