Why didn't I kill🔫 myself🙄 when I had the chance?

"So even when I have nothing to give, and no time is left for me to go back; I live as if it's all about to end 'cause the only thing I know for sure is that... 'Struggle ain't new.'"

- Trevor Lee "Struggle Ain't New" title track, [1:37]

I started writing this album a year ago.

It was by far the worst year i can remember.

It's ironic 😑 because while I was 📝writing these songs about pushing forward, risking it all, giving it everything you have; I was genuinely planning my career exit. Eventually, circumstance after circumstance piled up so high that my whole world blacked out in a moment. I couldn't see anyway forward. It was in this moment, I was ready to go.🚑

i.e. from "Struggle ain't New" verse 2, [1:22]

"I'm losing more and more each and every day. I'm ready to go, and this is no play. Locking up the guns just to keep safe."

After pulling my 🔫 out onto my desk,

I paused for a moment. I held on because I know that everything changes. Everything is temporary even when it feels like forever.



Two things rooted in me;

  1. Struggle ain't new. 
  2. God isn't either.

Trusting in those two truth's, I held on in faith that this moment would pass.

I noticed my 🐶, then remembered my 💑, then remembered my friends, and picked up the 📞. Brandon Garza (my engineer) picked up on the other side. Shortly into the convo I finally got real and told him what was up. He reminded me who I was and what was real. 

You are not alone.

Despite how secluded or cut off you feel in your life or efforts, if you let go of your pride and just say hello to someone, you might be surprised how much you have in common.

I am grateful for the relationships I have.

They are worth living for. Before I leave Texas, I want to celebrate some of those relationships. There is no longer a cap on the number of tickets for my album release party. As well, to alleviate any potential financial challenge, I'm creating a 50% discount for all who need it. Type STRUGGLEAINTNEW50 where it says 'Enter promotional code.'

Let's pack the place!

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💙Love you all!💙

Trevor Lee

🎈Party Info🎉

Saturday | May 20, 2017


Doors Open @ 6:00pm

IV God's Glory Clothing Store

6852 Harrisburg Blvd. Houston, TX 77011