I avoid my neighbors!

"Where does real meet reel? Calculate the motion." ♪♫

An excerpt from my single "Save the Day Freestyle". (Line at 1 min 10 seconds.) This line has become more real to me since I wrote it, and even more apparent to me after its release. You can write something one way, but as the piece grows you delve into the different layers. Most writers allow the listener to interpret there own meaning without providing a reference base. I only do so now because it resonates with me intensely as of late.

It's my relationships.

'Real', to me, means being honest with YOURSELF. If you can be honest with yourself about who you are, you have a chance in becoming who you want to be.


I recognize that I am a husband. - Sometimes, a poor husband.

I am a son. - I know I haven't been the best son.

I'm a brother. - I can guarantee I have not been a great brother.

I'm a friend. - Others have been a better friend than I.

I'm a neighbor. - I avoid my neighbors!

Now we're getting somewhere.

Listing these truth's allow me to acknowledge specific failings in my life. First, it allows me to be self aware which is huge in dealing with other people. Blind people hurt people. Second, I can begin to change these truth's. 2 years ago, I started with the last on the list. In my immediate community I would keep to myself. Hard to believe if you know me. I'll talk to a complete stranger in the checkout line and know his/her life before it's their turn. However, when it comes to my home life I'm extremely private and obsess over my family's personal space. Classic territorial alpha male tendencies. (lol, I said that like I have a degree or something.) 

I took action.

Continuing in disconnect felt like a direct conflict with what I believe in. How was I supposed to affect and interact with lives throughout the world, but not interact with my neighbors? #Rude. I prayed for God to give me a chance to meet my neighbors and soften my heart. Now, Marenie (my wife) and I know everyone within our piece of the apartments. We fed cats while people vacayed. I was able to ask for help in a jam and help others in theirs. We looked out for each other. It's the dream. This has definitely made a contribution to my peace. 

So, I'm real. Where does 'reel' fit in?

'Reel' is what came next. I became very close with one man and his family. We would talk almost daily outside our apartments. Without getting into details, our relationship has resulted in growth. Growth towards self betterment. For me, that's a better understanding of who Christ is and how that affects us. In other words, we got real with each other and grew as individuals because of it.

Be real. It's the only way you'll reel yourself and others to seek truth.

Hope this encourages you as it has me.


Trevor Lee

P.S. For the haters. (lol) Available everywhere.