Just stop it.

Seriously, just stop it!

If anyone understands what it's like to have so much stuff to do, and if your future depends on getting it done; it's me. I'm not a one man show in the slightest, but when it comes to keeping the fire lit in the engine room... I'm shoveling the coal. In fact, I'm the whole maintenance staff. This train doesn't run, if I don't keep it running. Can I get an amen?

How do I keep going?

The key is not worrying about the train stopping if you do. No one person can do everything and be everywhere. However, if you have to... there is a way to keep the ball rolling. It's as simple of facing your biggest fear.


 When you stop, you begin to realize that life keeps moving and time isn't the enemy you thought it was. You waist more effort filling up a 4th tank multiple times a day a day when you should have taken the extra moments to fill up completely. You'll waist less time because you won't have to start and stop over and over. Ever notice how your car runs better on fuel? So do you! When I feel overwhelmed I take a moment to stop and meditate. I begin to realize that...

I can't control the results.

It's crucial that you constantly remind yourself of this. It will save you time and make you more efficient. Focus on the task at hand trusting that there will be results period. If you sow, you will reep. Action causes reaction.

Pause. Fuel. Act.

Love you all, and hope this encourages you.

Trevor Lee

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