007 & Cheeto Fingers

With so many things continuing to move forward in Trevor Lee's life, it's surprising he is able to make time and talk to us about it all. "Trevor Lee TV' is a web series edited by Jay Navejas from Trevor Lee Films to keep us updated and give us a raw look at what it takes to follow your dreams and successfully accomplish goals to get closer to them. Trevor Lee is a prime example of someone getting results from pushing limitations, breaking character boundaries, and relentless determination.

In this particular episode, we get to see the process behind the new "All to You" (Dance Remix) featuring 007 (of R.A.W.) that will be releasing for free download next week. I thought that it was refreshing to experience the raw unedited moments placed in this episode. After seeing so many highly polished material of Trevor, it's nice to see his guard down.

Another inspiring story featured is Alex Gentry and her best friend Kalysta Chunn; two teenage girls that were able to bridge the gap between fan and close friend. I don't know if you'd see any other mainstream male artists showing such kindness and pouring into lives like this. Truly, a special insight.

Trevor Lee also discusses the Sketch the Journalist series, "Oceans #Leemix" music video, and more.

Download "Oceans #Leemix for free HERE.

Full Trevor Lee TV // Season 1 (Episode 3)

This Has been your Trevor Lee Update by D.D. Roland.