Trevor Lee TV Episode 2 and More

Trevor Lee TV Episode 2 is out!

This episode gives a revealing look at what it's like to lead the life of a busy artist, director, and music producer. This is a really cool insider's look at all the crazy and awesome things in the works at Trevor Lee Films. There's a good amount of info about upcoming music from the likes of W/ U (With U) and Von Won, and it's really cool to hear about Trevor's contributions to these songs. I can't wait to see what the other videos in this series highlight. I'm a huge fan of these kind of videos that reveal a little more about the elaborate process that goes into making all these projects a reality. Check out the video on the left.

Also in the works... 

is a new video for Manna House Souljas that would challenge the skills of any director. Filming this weekend is an action-packed video involving a multiple camera setup with 360 degree footage, I even hear it will feature a Fire-breather too! (Whaat?!!) The new video for "Liftoff" will feature artist Pesmaker and promises to be a great addition to the Manna House music video library. I can't wait to see it!

Have you downloaded the #Leemix of "Oceans" yet?

Don't wait any longer because the filming is almost underway for the music video starring and choreographed by Karess Grant. Here's what Trevor had to say about the video.

"I've asked Karess to do something I've never attempted before. She will be creating and performing unique choreography designed specifically with this song in mind. This song presents a unique challenge because, if you've heard the song, it's essentially three songs in one. I'm really excited to see how it turns out!"

Best news for last!

I'm really excited to tell you guys about this next project! Last year Trevor Lee sat down to talk with Sketch the Journalist to discuss the year's events. Sketch is the writer of a blog entitled "Jesus Musik" for the Houston Chronicle which can be found easily at the URL .  I'm excited to say that this Sunday he and the entire Trevor Lee team will be doing one-on-one interviews with Sketch the Journalist in this year's edition of "Sketch the Journalist" series. In addition to the Trevor Lee team members, all the artists involved in Extended Play will be sitting down with Sketch, as well as Manna House Soulja's "Vow" and rap artist "J Lyrik". Even studio producers Brandon Garza, and Cameron Giddings will be in on the fun.  These in depth interviews are great for getting to know these up and coming artists and give you a great sense of the person behind the mic. Look for these video interviews to be released throughout the year and stay in the loop by catching latest news updates every Wednesday right here at

This has been your Trevor Lee Update by David Diaz de Leon.