It's Official!!

Great news!! Trevor Lee's feature on Von Won's upcoming single from his new album has just been officially confirmed! I got to hear a snippet of this work in progress and I really like Trevor's contribution to the song. I also appreciate the way the song challenges the listener intellectually and still presents the masculine confidence you expect from a classic hip hop tone. No word yet on exactly when the song will be finished, but I'm definitely looking forward to hearing the finished product.

Speaking of collaborations, recently I've received some exciting new insider info! DJ Overflow has reached out to Trevor Lee to work on a series of remixed singles from Trevor's existing body of work such as "Take Me Home", "Late Day Long Nights", and even a remix of the Oceans #Leemix ft. Ari Lyn. I got to personally hear the remix of "Late Days Long Nights" and it does not disappoint! I love the original but if anything could top it in my book, it's this catchy remix. The song is part dubstep, part mash-up, but still retains that unique flavor of entertaining music we have come to expect from #TeamLee. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, I feel this song is going to be the start of a new season of collaborations that Trevor wants to bring from the studio, straight to you, the listener.

In Other Related Artists News:

Manna House Souljas' new music video "Jesus Juice" is dropping today, December 20th. A host of people showed up to be a part of the filming for the video. It was really cool to see all the quality footage being cut and spliced together to create a video that truly matches the energy of the song. Check it out at Manna.House and don't forget to share on Facebook!

Also in the world of videos, check out the newly released promo for the upcoming single "Hurricane". It's a non-stop ride of awesome swells and glitchy backbeats that really sets this song apart from others. You wouldn't expect this to be worship song, but it's undeniable, from the lyrics to the melody this is what praising and worshipping our God is all about. Don't forget to download this song for FREE (crazy right?!) on christmas day! I'm not gonna say that you should tell your friends and family that this song is their christmas day present from you, but I also don't see how anyone could be disappointed with a great new track to listen to, so spread the word!