Team Lee News⎜Christmas is Coming...and so is a new Collab?

Christmas is coming, a time of year when we gather together with our families and spend time rekindling those relationships that have meant the most to us throughout the years. This is the time of year we choose to relax in the company of our loved ones. Trevor Lee likes to use the holiday season to visit his family in Alabama. Two weeks of uninterrupted family time is his gift to himself after working relentlessly year-round on quality films and great music. Being 300 miles away from home is hard for anyone so I took this opportunity to talk to Trevor a little about living so far from his family,

"I live in Houston because God has called me here. If it was up to me I would live closer to my family in Alabama. I find it odd that so many people neglect their families, treating them as if they live in far away places when in reality they live nearby, and most times in the very same city or neighborhood! Relationships with family members are crucial. I firmly believe that taking time to keep in touch with your immediate family is something everyone needs to do. It takes more than a great community of people around you to lead a fulfilling life; finding yourself feeling unaccepted and alone at moments in your life could be a side effect of not being active in your family relationships. I know from personal experience there is a fullness in the foundation of your family when you are truly engaged with them."

Personally if it was't for my own family constantly coming through for me, then I wouldn't have gotten very far in life. Keeping a family tightly knit takes work, it's not always easy but it is always worth it. I want to encourage anyone reading this to take advantage of the holiday season and take the first step in making your bonds with family stronger.

Other News

Last week, we gave you a heads up on a radio show out of Washington D. C. that Trevor Lee would be a guest on tonight. If you didn't catch the interview live, the full interview to the right. He gives insight into his background, new music, and current preparations for 2015.

Extended Play Band -IndieCards-FINALS-01(1).jpg

Extended Play is hard at work on creating a full force live production. The performance at the Hunger Awards was just a taste of things to come. The live concert experience being created is better than ever and will be debuted at a full scale concert in Late Spring/Early Summer of 2015. You don't want to miss out on this show that is sure to blow your socks off! Ticket prices are still being determined and will be announced after the new year, but trust me when I say there's no putting a price on an amazing show like this.


Hurricane will be only the first in a string of downloads coming out in 2015 so don't forget to grab it for FREE on Christmas Day at He subtly gives us a sneak peak at the beginning of this "Oceans #Leemix" promotional music video.


Lastly theres talk of Trevor Lee and Von Won teaming up on a new song but Trevor won't give me any details or even confirm that it's happening!! All I know is if that did happen, it would be the first time they've worked together in over a year, which is a long overdue collaboration in my opinion; see why, below I've posted a couple of their last collaborations. I'll keep my eyes and ears peeled for more info, check back often to stay updated on all the great things to come from Trevor Lee and his remarkable team.

This has been your Trevor Lee update by David D.