Hunger Awards 2014 - Recap

The 7th Annual Hunger Awards (Concert and Award Show) in Houston started off with a bang as Trevor Lee and Extended Play opened up the ceremonies to a crowd of around 600 hip hop fans at Legacy Church last weekend. In just seven minutes on stage, Trevor Lee & Extended Play introduced their new live performance style and was able to draw the crowd in and engage the audience in music worth experiencing. (Video of performance coming soon.)

Attendees of the awards show had the pleasure of seeing multiple world-class acts perform on stage between awards. From the spoken words artists (Joseph Solomon, AJ McQueen) to the beat driven hip hop (2 Crunk, Von Won, Pyrexx, Reconcile, JT, World Rejects and more) it was a night of performances to remember. Awards given out included Album of the Year, Mixtape of the Year, Group of the Year, Female Artist of the Year, etc. Voting was held online and the results were revealed by the CW's Ky Meyer as well as some of Houston's own local hip hop artists.

After many years of effort and a portfolio full of high caliber music videos under his belt Trevor Lee received Director of the year for his work as Trevor Lee Films. This community of christian hip hop artists is not only a tightly knit group dedicated to sharing Christ with their lyrics, but also a group whose heart is in the right place. As an entry fee for the concert and awards show attendees were asked to bring five canned goods to donate to the Houston Food Bank. In total, more than 2,000 cans of food were collected! On a night meant to honor hardworking artists in the local Houston Christian Hip Hop scene it was apparent the kind of environment these artists bring with them to the community.

Overall, it was a great night for christian hip hop in Houston and a great night to recognize our Christian brothers and sisters who are engaging our community for the better, from the soup kitchens to the high-rises.

A "Day In The Life" style Recap of the Hunger Awards coming soon...

This has been your Trevor Lee Update by David D.