Trevor Lee Signs to Rapture Life Music

As of 2016, Trevor Lee has officially signed with Rapture Life Music, joining the likes of Tre9 and Pyrexx who are also signed to the label. View the full write up by Sketch the Journalist for the Houston Chronicle Article Here

This is definite cause for celebration!

Rapture Life Music is hosting a party at Warehouse Live in honor of the new venture with Trevor Lee. It's an open event, however rsvp is important due to the size of the venue. Be sure to rsvp here.

Trevor Lee & W/U || Air 1 || Schliterbahn

#TeamLee it's time to show up!

Trevor Lee, W/U, & Extended Play will be performing this Saturday April 11th at Schlitterbahn Galveston. Air1 Radio has partnered with Schlitterbahn for an annual event titled "Lifted Up" and this year 2 of the Headliners are Trevor Lee & W/U accompanied by the Extended Play Band. To the right is their flyer with all the extra info you may need in order to purchase discounted tickets.

More about Trevor Lee

More About W/U

Also on the bill...

...are the Manna House Souljas, R.A.W., Ras a.k.a. Lil Raskul, and other great bands. Below are some videos of these great acts.

007 & Cheeto Fingers

With so many things continuing to move forward in Trevor Lee's life, it's surprising he is able to make time and talk to us about it all. "Trevor Lee TV' is a web series edited by Jay Navejas from Trevor Lee Films to keep us updated and give us a raw look at what it takes to follow your dreams and successfully accomplish goals to get closer to them. Trevor Lee is a prime example of someone getting results from pushing limitations, breaking character boundaries, and relentless determination.

In this particular episode, we get to see the process behind the new "All to You" (Dance Remix) featuring 007 (of R.A.W.) that will be releasing for free download next week. I thought that it was refreshing to experience the raw unedited moments placed in this episode. After seeing so many highly polished material of Trevor, it's nice to see his guard down.

Another inspiring story featured is Alex Gentry and her best friend Kalysta Chunn; two teenage girls that were able to bridge the gap between fan and close friend. I don't know if you'd see any other mainstream male artists showing such kindness and pouring into lives like this. Truly, a special insight.

Trevor Lee also discusses the Sketch the Journalist series, "Oceans #Leemix" music video, and more.

Download "Oceans #Leemix for free HERE.

Full Trevor Lee TV // Season 1 (Episode 3)

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"Oceans" #LeeMix Music Video

With so many projects in the works, it's nice to only have one thing to discuss this week. For those of you that haven't listened to, downloaded, or even heard about it; "where have you been?". "Oceans" #LeeMix is one of Trevor Lee's latest and greatest singles. He took a beautiful, worship intensive song and made it into something entirely unique and refreshing. Trev's version of Hillsongs number 1 billboard hit, is sure to be a chart topper of it's own. That is, if publishing is eventually acquired; stand with us in prayer over it. For now, you can enjoy it for FREE HERE.

Well... with all that said, let's get to the juice! Trevor Lee and Jay Navejas from Trevor Lee Films are pushing forward full steam with the music video at top speed. Trevor shares...

"I've never been so free while filming a music video. From concept to production, this has been exhilarating. I feel like I'm finding new capabilities and surpassing limits that I'm realizing never existed in the first place. I've learned many things this year, and the one at this moment, is that it's always easier than it looks if God is in control. I'm extremely thankful for my entire team. From Jay on the Trevor Lee Films team to Cameron Giddings and Brandon Garza as co-producers. Truly, a blessed life.

A true treat in the video is the choreographer, Karess Grant. Although the sunset background at parts is absolutely breathe taking, she compliments God's handy work well. I don't know very much about dance, but it was a bit freeing to see her dance through the city and on the beach. I could connect to the music through her visuals. I asked Trevor about working with her.

"Karess has been wonderful to work with. I found her through facebook. I'm not sure how we became friends, but I'm glad we did. I saw her dancing videos on my facebook feed, and was inspired by the way she moved. I knew that I was going to use her, just didn't know for what. Gladly, we found the right song, and she spent a month and a half creating the material. I strongly recommend her for anything... ever." (He ended grinning.)

Although the final video isn't complete, we have this great Trailer available. Enjoy! I already have.

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#GrownandBlessed to have Sketch and PAA Ent.

The #GrownandSaved...

event on the 16th at Legacy was an entertainment-packed night (Link to whole picture album by Jenn Garcia). Music acts were at the top of their game. Light and sound were raised to another level by PAA Entertainment to complete the wonderful unveiling of Extended Play's new Live Show direction! I'm also honored to anounce that PAA has become an official part of the Trevor Lee & Extended Play Concert Experience. Don't miss the next show, because they keep getting bigger and better, which means you can't afford to miss the next one because it is anticipated to change your life. Word on the street is that they are planning a huge concert in June for the full experience. I'll let you know when more info about any possible dates comes up and tickets are available. For now, catch this recent excerpt from their #GrownandSaved performance.

The Sketch the Journalist ...

series interviews have made their way to the editing room, but these great stories aren't quite ready to tell. As for now, check out this brief visual of things to come from Trevor Lee Films and Company has put together for you!

November may seem...

like it's far away for most of us but for the people working with Bless Fest in Houston the time for helping those in need can't come soon enough! Trevor Lee Films is an official sponsor for BlessFest 2014 and will be providing visual promotions in an effort to raise awareness in the community about the great things that will going on this November. Go to to find out how you can help needy families in Houston by showing them the Love of Christ.

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New Manna House Video

New Manna House Souljas Video

ANGLES! Lots of angles, Manna House's "Liftoff" is a unique undertaking because of all the different angles used during filming. It took two rappers, a fire breather, and a film crew three hours at an outdoor pavilion on a cold, wet and rainy day to film "Liftoff". And you get to reap all the rewards, in the comfort of your own home, while sitting in your PJs, probably ignoring all your new year's resolutions. But that's a good thing, you want to be able to just soak it all in when the video drops later this month, with nothing on your mind but Vow and Pesmaker enriching your mind while you watch magic happen on the screen courtesy of Trevor Lee Films.

NEW Shows

This Friday at Legacy Church Trevor Lee and Extended Play will be joining the lineup for an event called Grown and Saved. All the fun gets kicked off at 7:30 with an awesome line-up that includes the likes of Kingdom Muzic, New Covenant Worship, AJ McQueen, Bryann & Monica Trejo, Nina Sims, Mic Tunez, Bariton, & Von Won. #GrownandSaved is the theme of the night, calling adults and married couples to come together for great night of entertainment where they can hang out with other christians in the Houston area. Legacy Church is located at 9701 Almeda Genoa Rd. Houston, TX 77075 and is hosted by CT church. Check out the the videos in the adjacent playlist to see a video of the Trevor Lee & Extended Play from the last time they played at this venue.

Also in the weeks to come...


January 25th Extended Play will be playing at the 7th Anniversary of Hip Hop Sunday in Austin, TX. If you have any family or friends near 111 W. Anderson Ln, Unit E360, in Austin, TX 78752 then tell them to get there by doors at 4:30PM for an awesome time. Better yet, take a road trip after church and treat yourself to a great night of fun in Austin before you head into your work week!

Sketch in the House

The Sketch the Journalist series interviews were a lot of fun to film, and covered a lot of ground, everything from personal background to new music, each interview has something different to offer and Sketch approaches each team member uniquely. If want to get to know this team then just check out the videos in this series as they drop throughout the year. As for now, you can enjoy a fun little behind-the-scenes video Trevor Lee Films and Company has put together for you!

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